Struggles Against Oppression

A New Labor Federation That Takes On All Struggles Against Oppression. One of the key political struggles the labor movement needs to address is the conscious and active struggle against all forms of oppression: sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia and all forms of racism being the most urgent ones. 

Our unions should also be spaces that take an active stance against all forms of oppression and become vehicles to combat discrimination at all levels: in the workplace and in society at large. In order to do so, our unions need also to transform the forms and methods of organizing to be more inclusive, starting by developing special caucuses for women, LGBTQI, Black or Immigrant workers, and rules to combat oppressive behaviours as well as proactive mechanisms to promote union leaders from these oppressed sectors.

CSP-Conlutas takes a working class perspective to fight back all kinds of oppression and allows the affiliation of organizations of the oppressed. In order to understand it, let’s describe briefly three organizations.