In Europe of austerity, striking working class takes to the streets for rights

January 31 and 1st February are days of struggle in France and the UK. All support!

The wave of strikes in France and the UK inspires the struggle of the working class all over the world. In common, workers in both countries are mobilizing for wage increases, in the face of unprecedented inflation and outrageous proposals from governments and employers, which make living conditions even worse.

In France, the main demand is against the pension reform that raises the minimum age for benefits from 62 to 64 years.

An intense day of general strike and protests was held on 19/1 and brought more than one million demonstrators to the streets. A new day of struggle has been called for 31 January and it is estimated to have equal or more strength of popular mobilisation.

In the United Kingdom, the parliament’s plans to pass an anti-trade union law attacking the right to democracy, to strike and to demonstrate are given particular attention.

In addition, the British are fighting a battle against privatisation and in defence of social benefits.

British trade unionist Martin Ralph, vice-president of the Liverpool TUC, explained in detail how the various categories have been organising for the General Strike announced for 1 February.

In addition to a full interview with our Labour and Peoples Federation [READ HERE], he recorded a video in which he describes the mobilisation process across the UK, the challenges and possible ways forward for the struggle. 


As we emphasise in our SUPPORT MOTION to the two mobilisations, “we know that the struggle can be long and so, as we have tried in Brazil, uniting inter-union and intersectoral struggles is a necessary coordination”.

Both movements seek to involve various sectors and unify the struggle against the governments, the bosses and the capital that just seeks to profit and make the lives and work of the people even more precarious.

CSP-Conlutas salutes the class resistance in France and the UK and expresses international solidarity.

“We think, as you do, that our street demonstrations are very important to advance in our demands. From Brazil, we are very proud of your struggle, French and English workers, and we wish you success in the continuation of the strike movement!

We are one working class worldwide!


In the UK, General Strike for the right to strike and demonstrations

European trade union meeting discusses strengthening strikes

In France, unions call new General Strike for 31 January

19/01: General strike in France against pension reform

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