Military wants Bolsonaro’s 2nd mandate to privatize SUS, universities and the Amazon

The military, dreaming with the reelection of Bolsonaro or the election of some other extreme right-wing candidate, presented a “plan” with proposals for the country. Called “Projeto Nação, o Brasil em 2035”, the proposals deal with the areas of education, health, the Amazon, geopolitics, development, science and technology.

With 93 pages, the document proposes a series of ultraliberal and reactionary measures that would be a real disaster for the workers and the Brazilian people.

This plan was presented on June 19 to Vice President Hamilton Mourão by the Villas Bôas, Sagres and Federalista institutes, maintained by reserve and retired military. The coordinator of the project was none other than General Luiz Eduardo Rocha e Silva, former president of the group Terrorismo Nunca Mais (Ternuma), the NGO of Colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, a torturer convicted for crimes he committed during the military dictatorship.

Privatizing health and education

The text is written with a certain “literary license” and makes an assessment of the country’s scenario as if it were the year 2035 and puts as one of the measures taken the charging from 2025 of tuition fees in public universities and the care of the SUS. “From 2025, the public power starts charging compensation for services rendered, exclusively from people whose family income was higher than three minimum wages,” say the military.

That’s right: if it depends on the military who support Bolsonaro’s government, it is necessary to end free and universal health care. The system that saved millions of lives in the pandemic by guaranteeing public care to Brazilians contaminated by Covid-19.

Following the example of PEC 206 (Proposal of Constitutional Amendment), authored by General Peternelli (União-SP), which is being processed in the House of Representatives, the plan also proposes to end free public universities and start charging monthly fees. A measure that would make it even more difficult for young people to access higher education, as well as to advance the privatization of education.

Handing over the Amazon

In another section, the document proposes the relaxation of legislation related to the exploitation of minerals in the Amazon, as well as the regulation of foreign capital participation in these activities. The document says that it is necessary to “remove the restrictions of indigenous and environmental legislation, which are found to be radical in the attractive areas of agribusiness and mining”.

The text states: “Update the legislation regarding mineral exploration, simplifying it and making it more flexible, in order to facilitate the increase of mineral exploration, both in natura and of high added value. Regulate the participation of foreign capital in mineral exploration activities, with care to safeguard national interests and sovereignty, particularly with regard to minerals of high strategic value for the security and development of Brazil.

The military want to repeat the disastrous policy of the dictatorship in the 1970s of “occupy and integrate”, which meant genocide and devastation of the Brazilian forests.

They think that the anti-environmentalist policy and attacks on indigenous peoples, quilombolas and other riverine and forest peoples that Bolsonaro’s government has been applying since the beginning of his administration is too little and has been causing a genocide of these peoples.

Out with Bolsonaro and Mourão! No more dictatorship!

The event in which the document was delivered to Mourão, had fanfares to the sound of the song “Eu Te Amo, Meu Brasil”, the ufanistic melody that was played during the 70s to celebrate the bloody military dictatorship in the country.

The plan of the military barracks could well be called the “Destruction Project”, with its ultraliberal proposals that attack public services, the environment, the rights of the Brazilian people and national sovereignty.

Every day it is being proven that defeating Bolsonaro, Mourão and the entire corrupt and authoritarian troop that forms this ultra-right-wing government is an urgent task for the working class. Dictatorship never again!

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