Workers Carry Out a Wave of Strikes in Brazil

Workers carry out a wave of strikes in Brazil due to inflation of 10% per year and the cut of labor rights.

Federal public employees demand a 19% salary increase and the end of the administrative reform.

Thousands of teachers are on strike to get the national minimum wage of US$770.

Sanitation workers in Rio de Janeiro are also on strike.

App delivery workers held a nationwide strike on April 1 for better working conditions and increased pay-per-delivery.

Bus drivers in the city of São Luiz in the north of the country have been on strike for 40 days.

Metalworkers from the Avibras defense industry carried out stoppages and camped in front of the company in the city of São José dos Campos against 420 layoffs and for the payment of back wages.

Trabalhadores mobilizados da Avibras | Foto: Cristiane Cunha

About 500,000 homeless working families won the eviction ban by June 30, 2022 decided by the Supreme Court.

CSP-Conlutas supports the industrial actions and stands for a national general strike in defense of workers’ rights.

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