Lets Raise a Solidarity Fund for the Workers’ Resistance in Ukraine

CSP-Conlutas is starting a financial campaign in solidarity with the Ukrainian workers’ resistance. It is an internationally integrated effort in support of the Ukrainian workers who are bravely resisting the Russian occupation. The Ukrainian resistance at this time needs our solidarity, so we intend to send resources to actively support it against the Russian occupiers.

For this reason, the CSP-Conlutas calls on the entities and activists from the labor federation to take part in this campaign to raise donations for the “Fund of Solidarity with the Workers’ Resistance in Ukraine”, which will be part of the “International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle Convoy”, that is being organised to leave soon for the attacked country.

Read the text of the campaign:

Out with the Russian troops from Ukraine! End of NATO! For a free and sovereign Ukraine for the working class

Since the 24th of February Russia has been militarily attacking Ukraine. With the hypocritical and lying excuse of “denazifying” and demilitarising Ukraine, and because of Vladimir Putin’s recognition of the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics, Russian troops have advanced on Donbass territory and are occupying other Ukrainian regions and attacking military installations and places with civilians.

The offensives of Putin’s government are aimed at weakening the military resistance in a scattered manner and above all in Kiev with the aim of overthrowing the Zelensky government, subordinated to the interests of the West, NATO and the European Union.

We do not support any movement that, based on the strategic position that Ukraine represents for Russia, oppresses the Ukrainian population and, as a consequence, expands the power of interventionism and opens precedents for such actions according to the interests of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) and European and US imperialist forces.

However, in the face of this, the war is not about a self-defence action by the Kremlin against the advance of NATO. Putin has never been against NATO, quite the contrary. He was on the side of the USA, for example, in the occupation of Afghanistan. For years he guaranteed social stability in the region, with iron hands, repression and oppression of nationalities.

We cannot accept military repression of intervention against populations as Russia has done not only in Ukraine now, but as it did in Crimea in 2014, and more recently in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Syria, sustaining authoritarian and bloodthirsty regimes. At the same time it is unacceptable to open any space for agents of imperialism who seek to expand domination through wars that guarantee profit and more power for the capitalists. The bourgeoisie is fighting among themselves for political and economic reach and domination. Meanwhile, thousands of workers, labourers, elderly people and children die or lose everything and are forced to become refugees in the world.

We repudiate the hypocrisy of US imperialism regarding the conflict. The US with the connivance and many together with European imperialist countries attacked and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq with barbaric bombing, killing and wounding civilians. It also connived with the oppression suffered by the Palestinians, Syrians and Kurds. European and US imperialism is also responsible for arming and financing ultra-right militias in African countries. The so-called “peace missions”, as in Haiti and the countries of Africa, only serve to control the people’s revolt and maintain the over-exploitation of these peoples who suffer so much from capitalist barbarism. For this reason, we demand the dissolution of NATO and the dismantling of all the military bases in Europe, like the dismantling of all the nuclear weapons structures around the world.

The resistance
Despite Putin’s brutal assault, Russian forces have been met with popular resistance in Ukraine. Scenes of civilians arming themselves, including elderly people wielding rifles, and ordinary people making Molotovs in order to protect themselves from Russian tanks, spread across the networks and provoked a commotion. Mobilisations against Putin’s war are growing all over the world, including in Russia.

International class solidarity
The CSP-Conlutas, following its internationalist principles, joins the international solidarity effort to the workers of Ukraine who are bravely resisting the Russian occupation. The Ukrainian resistance at this moment needs active solidarity and this solidarity is translated into the sending of resources to sustain the direct resistance against the Russian occupiers. Therefore, the CSP-Conlutas calls on the labour union entities and activists to engage in a national campaign to raise financial resources for the “Fund of Solidarity with the Workers’ Resistance in Ukraine”, as part of the construction of the “International Convoy of the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggles”.

Each entity and labour union, from their experience at the rank and file level, can raise funds, in whatever amounts, to contribute to the campaign. We rely on the experience of the campaign carried out by the CSP-Conlutas in January 2010 when a strong earthquake devastated Haiti.At that time, workers from different categories approved the financial solidarity in assemblies with voluntary collection.
At that time, workers from different categories approved the financial solidarity in assemblies with voluntary collection.

The victory of the Ukrainian workers’ resistance demonstrates to the international working class as a whole that it is possible to defeat a military power and build a sovereign country independent of Russia, the European Union and the United States, as well as the construction of a project of a democratic and socialist country!
To contribute to the financial campaign

Labour and People’s Federation CSP-Conlutas
CNPJ: 07.887.926/0013-23
BB – Banco do Brasil (001)
Ag. 303-4
c/c 45567-9

We ask you to inform about the transfer by e-mail: assessoria@csp-conlutas.org.br

Our principles

  • For the military defeat of the Russians in Ukraine! Support for the armed and unarmed resistance of the Ukrainian people!
  • For self-determination of the Ukrainian people and for a Ukraine free from the clutches of Russia, NATO and the US and European imperialists! For a free and sovereign Ukraine for the working class!
  • End of NATO. Out US troops and bases in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe! Against the nuclear threat! We stand for nuclear disarmament all over the world!
  • International solidarity with anti-war and pro-democracy movement in Russia! Freedom for the anti-war political prisoners in Russia!
  • An end to foreign debts and the clutches of the IMF!
  • For a non-discriminatory reception of all refugees from Ukraine and other places in Africa and Asia who also suffer from conflicts created by imperialist countries!


  • To immediately start a financial campaign to raise money for a Solidarity Fund for the Workers’ Resistance in Ukraine.
  • We will build together with the organizations of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles an international solidarity convoy to the workers’ resistance in Ukraine. The convoy will be destined for the sectors of resistance organised by the labour unions in this country.
  • Holding acts in the states as part of the active solidarity with the workers of Ukraine.
  • Hold assemblies and debates at the bases of the organizations about the importance of financial collection, hold assemblies and have them highlighted on the Labour Federation’s website.

CSP-Conlutas National Executive Secretariat

São Paulo, March 11, 2022

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