Neither Russian troops nor European and NATO imperialist forces. For a free and sovereign Ukraine for the working class


Neither Russian troops nor European and NATO imperialist forces. For a free and sovereign Ukraine for the working class

Earlier on Thursday (24), Russia began the military operation in Ukraine, after intense days and after Vladimir Putin recognized the Donetsk and Luhansk republics.

With the excuse of demilitarizing Ukraine, Russian troops advanced over the territory of Donbass attacking alleged military facilities, and there are news and records that even the military airport of the capital Kiev was bombed.

Putin’s government’s offensives aim to weaken and pulverize the military resistance concentrated in Kiev in order to overthrow Zelensky’s government, and subordinate Ukraine to the interests of the West, NATO and the European Union.

Amid tensions, Putin stated that “whoever tries to interfere or create threats against our country and our people should know that Russia will give an immediate response,” while Joe Biden posted on his Twitter account that “the United States and its allies and partners will respond in a united and decisive way,” and that “the world will make Russia pay the price.”

We do not support any movement that, starting from the strategic position that Ukraine represents for Russia, oppresses the Ukrainian population and, as a consequence, expands interventionist powers, and sets precedents for such actions in the interests of NATO forces and European and US imperialists.

We cannot accept the military repressive intervention against populations that Russia has carried out not only now in Ukraine , but also in Crimea in 2014 and more recently in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Syria. These interventions are sustaining authoritarian and bloodthirsty regimes. At the same time unacceptable to make any room for the advance of agents of imperialism who seek to expand domination with wars that guarantee profit and more power to the capitalist class.

There is no progressive sign or aspect in this conflict. Underneath all this movement from above, of equal and antagonistic imperialist interests, there is a people who is directly suffering the catastrophic effects of wars.

If capitalist restoration caused the dismemberment of the USSR, there are equal economic and political forces today who supposedly want to accomplish the opposite with a false varnish of opposition to NATO countries. Different bourgeoisies fights with each other in order to expand their political and economic scope and domains.

All power to those from below in Ukraine! Against the onslaughts of governments and capital that profit from the deaths and misery of the peoples of our class! For the self-determination of the Ukrainian people and for a Ukraine free from the clutches of Russia, NATO and the American and European imperialists! All Russian troops out from Ukraine now!

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