Solidarity With GOSH Workers For Rights And Parity With Directly-Employed NHS Staff

For over 40 days on strike, security guards from the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) are mobilizing for rights such as holiday pay, health benefits and other guaranteed benefits for NHS (the public health system in the United Kingdom) direct employees.

The workers have been carrying out picketing, leafleting and demonstrations in front of the Hospital, to talk to the population and to put pressure on the authorities to consider the legitimate demands of these subcontractors.

However, since February 10, the security guards have been surprised by a London Supreme Court decree that prohibits demonstrations less than 200 meters from the Hospital, preventing protests and picketing and leafleting actions in front of the building, in an effort to undermine the workers’ mobilization.

Next Wednesday, February 16th, there will be a court hearing and the Labour Union is calling for a unified demonstration with other unions and organizations in front of the Supreme Court.

For CSP-Conlutas, the international support is fundamental for the movement to gain strength and to succeed, as it happened with the janitors, who in 2021 won the struggle for full parity with the NHS direct employees.

Unionist of the International Caucus of the CSP-Conlutas Labor Federation and member of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles, Herbert Claros expresses internationalist solidarity with the strikers in a video. Watch and share:

Solidarity Motion;

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