In Brazil, we will take the streets again on October 2nd against the Bolsonaro government

No more deaths, unemployment, inflation, hunger, and misery. No more dictatorship! Out Bolsonaro and Mourão, now!

The poorest people are suffering the effects of the policies applied by the Bolsonaro government.

After more than a year and a half of pandemic, without effective combat against Covid-19, we have reached almost 600 thousand deaths. In fact, not only because of the lack of a policy to confront the pandemic, but also because of genocidal practices, denialism and boycott of vaccine acquisition, besides the corruption scandals in the Ministry of Health with accusations of payment of bribes for immunizers.

In this period of pandemic, the economic and social crisis got worse. In Brazil, hunger has come back to haunt. No one can stand the increase in prices of products and basic food, the high levels of unemployment, inflation, and misery any longer.

The CSP-Conlutas defends October 2nd as a national day of mobilizations built with broad unity, without any conciliation with the bourgeoisie or electoral projects, aiming to pressure the governments with resistance in the streets. So far, about 80 acts have been confirmed in 76 cities and in 10 countries.

Protest against Bolsonaro government in Sao Paulo | Photo: Lucas Martins

We defend the urgent need to build a General Strike, a fundamental action for the overthrow of this genocidal government, adorer of dictatorship and torture, which openly acts with authoritarianism, encourages antidemocratic acts and disseminates Fake News to get the conditionsto strike a self-coup.

That is why we need unity of action in the streets to say, once again, Out Bolsonaro and Mourão, now! No more dictatorship!

Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR Palácio do Planalto Creative Commons

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