CSP-Conlutas starts campaign for the freedom of political prisoners detained in rallies in Cuba

On July 11, protesters took to the streets in several Cuban cities to demand better living conditions, vaccination and freedom of expression.

Submission of the letter for the freedom of those detained during the demonstrations

Cuban police attacked the demonstrations and many were arrested. To date, more than 500 people remain in government custody and the Cuban judiciary has confirmed that it has convicted 62, mostly young people and adolescents. According to the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights, 757 demonstrators have been detained or have disappeared.

In the face of this threat to freedom of expression and human rights, CSP-Conlutas is launching an international solidarity campaign for the release of Cuban political prisoners.

As a first action of this mobilization, on Tuesday morning (10), a delegation was at the Cuban consulate in Sao Paulo to deliver a letter for the release of those arrested during the demonstrations.

Fabio Bosco, from CSP-Conlutas, talks about the action that starts the Campaign for the Freedom of Prisoners detained in demonstrations in Cuba:

Solidarity – There is also an online petition, with a manifesto deliberated by the SEN (National Executive Secretariat of CSP-Conlutas), for the immediate release of all those detained during the protests and an end to the repression of the demonstrations, for the broad right to freedom of demonstration, expression and organization, which we defend for the peoples of the whole world, for the immediate end of the blockade of Cuba. For the non-imperialist interference of the U.S. or any European country, and for the right of the Cuban people to decide their destiny and sovereignty.

Sign the petition: Freedom for political prisoners! All solidarity with the people in struggle in Cuba!

CSP-Conlutas delegation at a support event on Tuesday (10)

Solidarity with people in struggle in Cuba! We stand in solidarity because hunger hurts and the struggle is legitimate!

Freedom for all political prisoners now! Protest is not a crime!

2 thoughts on “CSP-Conlutas starts campaign for the freedom of political prisoners detained in rallies in Cuba

  1. Allies of US imperialism, aren’t you? Cuban Observatory of Human Rights is part and parcel of those forces determined to destroy Cuban socialism on behalf of the US.


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