CSP-Conlutas repudiates the illegal dismissal of 1,086 workers at GM India

About a month ago, General Motors’ Talegaon plant near Pune, India, dismissed 1086 unionized workers who refused to participate in the voluntary dismissal plan offered by the company.

To add to the illegality of GM’s action, the final compensation, of a very low amount, was paid directly into the bank accounts of the dismissed workers.

According to Indian law, it is necessary to have a previous permission requested by the state government for the payment to be made, which makes this another illegal operation in this anti-union process of retaliation against the workers.

In a motion against this attacks, the CSP-Conlutas stands in solidarity with the workers of the Pune plant that “face a very difficult situation due to the illegal downsizing carried out with the intention of forcing the workers to accept a lower compensation, thus paving the way for the sale of the company”.

The CSP-Conlutas also rejects the attitude of the company, which, with its greed for profit, bypassing workers’ rights and laws. These workers have spent most of their working lives in this company and demand a dignified resolution.

  • For the immediate opening of negotiations with the Union!
  • Immediate reinstatement of GM workers from the Pune plant!

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