Protest is not a crime! Free Galo and Gessica!

CSP-Conlutas stands in solidarity with brother Paulo Galo Lima, anti-fascist delivery worker, who had been temporarily incarcerated along with his wife Géssica this Wednesday (28).

The judicial order is part of the case that investigates the political act of setting fire to the statue of the genocidal and rapist Bandeirante Borba Gato, last Saturday (24).

The CSP-Conlutas official Atnágoras Lopes stressed in his social networks the importance of deepening the debate. “No more statues, street names, schools or public buildings that honor slave-masters, generals, torturers, rapists, exploiters and oppressors of all kinds”.

May we review our history. Let it be told by the people and not be colonized or criminalized! Fighting is not illegal! Freedom for Galo and Géssica Now!



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