Zionist occupation authorities kidnapped Aref Jaber and Imad Abu Shamsiya

Imad Abu Shamsiya had been able to call up his wife. He told her that they tortured him during his kidnapping, injuring his hand, trying to break it. He was brought to hospital, and from there, transfered to Ofer Prison.
Aref Jaber is still in Etzion Detention Jail.

This message is an urgent call on for solidarity! Share share share, write whoever you can. Don’t let these two amazing human rights defenders down in such a dark place!!!

Zionist occupation authorities kidnapped Aref Jaber and Imad Abu Shamsiya , while they were on the Jaber family’s land in the Baqa’a area, east of Hebron, near the Zionist settlement of Kiryat Arba. June 22 2021

The charges are, however insane, that he was making fire on land that belongs to the Jaref family. Said was, that the two men wil be in Ofer militairy court next Tuesday.

The truth behind the arrest of Imad Abu Shamsiya and Aref Jaber, is the work they do against the occupation, and their valiant resistance that has so far thwarted the establishment of a new Zionist settlement outpost in Aref Jaber’s land, where settlers and the protection of the occupation soldiers attacked the land, including four attacks by building a new outpost settlement was demolished by the efforts of the resistance of human rights defenders.

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