Solidarity With The Strike On LG Suppliers Workers In Brazil


With the announcement of the global closure of the cellphone production division of LG, earlier this week, Brazil will be harshly affected in a moment when the Coronavirus pandemic and the genocidal behaviour of the Jair Bolsonaro administration turn the country into a landscape of chaos and desolation.

After years of exploitation of the workforce of the country, especially women (the majority of the sector), LG took this decision, which will impact thousands of jobs, direct and indirect ones.

On the LG plant on Taubaté, 700 jobs will be eliminated.
Companies suppliers – Sun Tech, Blue Tech and 3C, which produce the same cellphones for LG, will answer for 430 jobs destroyed. Workers of these companies, represented by Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos and Region (affiliated to CSP-Conlutas), are striking since April 6th.

We ask of all unions, union federations, movements, public figures, parties and organizations of civil society, on Brazil and abroad, to send motions in support of the work stoppages and against the decision of LG and its suppliers Sun Tech, Blue Tech and 3C.

We are struggling to defend the maintenance of the jobs and rights of the workers and against the negligence of the Bolsonaro government towards the lives and jobs of Brazilians.

We consider that in these cases of plant closures of mass layoffs, federal governments are obliged to intervene and nationalize the companies, under control of their workers.

We need the support and solidarity of everyone!


(Name of the entity, etc)

We declare our support to the strike of the workers of Sun Tech, Blue Tech and 3C, represented by Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos and Region, in defense of their jobs and against the decision which attacks the survival of hundreds of mothers, fathers and their families.

With the same strength and intensity, we want to repudiate the inhuman stance of LG, which, amidst the dramatic situation the country is in due to the violent escalation of the Coronavirus pandemic, completely ignores the situation of these metalworkers.

With this motion, we also send message in solidarity to LG workers around the world who are suffering from this recent announcement of the company’s closure. The international unified struggle of workers is matter. Through this motion, we also send a message in solidarity with LG workers around the world who are under attack after this recent announcement on the company’s closure. United, the international working class will be able to fight back!

With the Union, we want to demand from the municipal, State and federal governments concrete measures towards safeguardind jobs and rights, and helping all workers affected by this terrible situation.

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Send to


Sun Tech:,

Blue Tech:,

3C Celulares:,

Public Ministry of Labour:

Metalworkers Union:

Photo: Roosevelt Cássio

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