CSP-Conlutas signs manifesto against Bolsonaro’s genocidal government

Document demands action from national and international instances to intervene against genocidal policy in Brazil

The document “Open letter to humanity“, signed by brazilian public figures like Renowned Musician Chico Buarque, Leading Philosopher Leonardo Boff, social activist priest Júlio Lancellotti and others, and that also has the support of social and trade union organizations and entities, denounces that “Bolsonaro’s genocidal government is no longer just a threat to Brazil but a global threat”.

CSP-Conlutas signs the manifesto, together with the labour federations CUT – Central Única dos Trabalhadores, Força Sindical, União Geral dos Trabalhadores, Central dos Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras do Brasil, Nova Central Sindical de Trabalhadores, Central dos Sindicatos Brasileiros, Central Geral de Trabalhadores do Brasil and Central do Servidor.

The signatories request “urgency to the ICC (International Criminal Court) in condemning the genocidal policy of this government that threatens civilization”, and fast action by the STF (Federal Supreme Court), the OAB (Brazilian Lawyers Order), the National Congress, the CNBB (National Conference of Brazilian Bishops) and the UN (United Nations).

In the text – check it at the end of the article – it is still highlighted that Brazil has become an “open-air gas chamber” and that the systematic extermination of our population hits hard “the poor, quilombolas and indigenous people”.

The Bolsonaro government has even criminally prosecuted anyone who describes it as genocidal.

4th Health Minister in pandemic times

In an Internet broadcast by Bolsonaro, he said that the cardiologist Marcelo Queiroga, the new Health Minister, “has everything, in my opinion, to do a good job, continuing everything that Pazuello has done so far.

Queiroga is the fourth minister of the portfolio to occupy the post in 12 months of pandemic.

In a brief interview with the press before the meeting with former Minister Eduardo Pazuello in Brasilia, Queiroga said that the health policy during the coronavirus pandemic “is of the Bolsonaro government, the policy is not of the Health Minister. The Health Minister executes the government’s policy,” he argued.

The continuity of what, disastrously, has already been happening, worries specialists who defend social isolation, the use of masks and mass vaccination to contain the pandemic.

Doctor João Gabbardo, from the Coronavirus Contingency Center of São Paulo, wrote in his official Twitter account that the “new minister assumes talking about the possibility of the use of chloroquine and etc, discards lockdown. Today, 3/16, when he takes office he will face the worst numbers of the pandemic. Record deaths today will be on a high scale. Suggestion: don’t take a stand against national lockdown.


“We live in dark times, where the worst people have lost their fear and the best people have lost their hope.” Hannah Arendt.

Brazil cries for help.

Brazilian people committed to life are held hostage by genocidal Jair Bolsonaro, who holds the presidency of Brazil with a gang of zealots driven by fascist irrationality.

This man has no humanity and compassion. He denies science, life and the protection of the environment. His reason for exercising power is his hatred of other men.

Today, Brazil suffers from the deliberate collapse of the health system. The neglect of vaccination and basic preventative measures, the encouragement of mass gathering, the lack of lockdown restrictions come hand-in-hand with a total lack of health policies. This creates the ideal environment for new mutations of the virus putting neighbouring countries and all of humanity at risk. We watch in horror the systematic extermination of our population, especially the poor, quilombolas (former slave communities) and indigenous people.

Bolsonaro’s monstrous genocidal government is no longer just a threat to Brazil, but to the whole world.

We call on the National bodies and institutions – The Supreme Court, the Brazilian Bar Association, National Congress, the National Confederation of Brazilian Bishops – and the United Nations. We ask the International Criminal Court (ICC) for urgency in condemning the genocidal policies of this Brazilian government that are threatening civilization.

Life above all.

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