In The Country, 7 Out of 10 Who Live in Inadequate Homes Are Black or Brown

Favela Rio de Janeiro

Seven out of 10 Brazilians who live in homes with some type of inadequacy are black or brown, points out the survey Synthesis of Social Indicators, from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.

The survey, which uses data from the 2019 National Household Sample Survey, brings together in numbers the reality that is already well known in the peripheries of large cities and in the country’s most needy regions.

In Brazil, 45.2 million people (21.6% of the total population) resided in 2019 in 14.2 million households with some type of inadequacy. Of these, 31.3 million were black or brown, that is, 69.2%, according to the survey.

IBGE considers the absence of an exclusive bathroom, external walls with non-durable materials, the excessive density of residents (more than three residents for each dormitory), and the excessive burden of rent (compromising more than 30% of family income) as inadequacies. ) and the absence of a property document.

Although blacks and browns are 56.2% of the country’s population, in four of the five inadequacies in households analyzed by PNAD, the proportion of occurrence in this population was more than double that found among whites.

Wrote by Aline Mazzo – Folha de S.Paulo

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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