CSP-Conlutas Elaborate Workers’ Action Plan To Confront The Crisis

The situation in Brazil is chaotic. It is urgent that we present an action plan that points out to an alternative of power, a socialist and workers’ democracy to end poverty, unemployment and deaths in our country. A program to fight back the capitalist crisis.

In this sense, CSP-Conlutas has elaborated a Workers’ Action Plan to confront the current economic and health crisis of our country, an expression of the crisis and decadence of capitalism.

Read the workers plan:
We are experiencing a serious economic and health crisis in our country. The inequalities of capitalism have been opened up by the coronavirus pandemic. More than 150,000 lives have been lost, almost 5 million infected: working and poor people, the elderly, the Black and native-Brazilians. Our people.

The unemployment is huge. Half of Brazilians are unemployed or in precarious and informal jobs. All of this became even worse after the Labor and Pension reforms.

While the majority of workers became poorer, a group of Brazilian billionaires increased their wealth by more than R$ 170 billion.

Destruction! This is the word that defines the Bolsonaro and Mourão government. The Administrative Reform will destroy public services, with more outsourcing and suffering to the most needy people.

The government’s plan is to privatize our wealth and give our national heritage to the capitalists, both national and foreign. That is what happens with Petrobras, the Post Office and other state-owned companies.

We are facing a brutal increase in violence against women, LGBT-phobic, xenophobic and racist discourse, and discrimination including the elderly, executed and encouraged by President Jair Bolsonaro and his political followers.
In addition to all this, we live under violent attacks on democratic freedoms and social activists in the countryside and the city.

The deepening of the policy of criminalization of poverty promotes mass imprisonment and genocide of black and poor youths, with violent police raids in the slums and neighborhoods of the periphery.

As if this were not enough, Bolsonaro is burning our lands, destroying nature, the environment in general, and our originary peoples, indigenous peoples, quilombolas, traditional communities, riverside people, fishermen, forest peoples, and poor peasants, determined by the stimulus to shackle, deforest, burn, illegal mining, and murder of leaders of these peoples.

The housing problem in our country expresses social inequality. It tends to get worse, whether by the increase in evictions during the pandemic or by the difficulty of paying rents due to lack of income. In this way, real estate speculation, large landowners and large companies on the part of governments are privileged.

Against these attacks by capital there is an enormous willingness to fight and broad questioning against the capitalist system in the world and in our country. We need to stimulate and strengthen these struggles. We need class independence, to unite the workers in the streets and mobilize them against the system.

Our demands
Do not reduce emergencial allowance and guarantee permanent unemployment benefits for the unemployed. It is necessary to guarantee the survival of workers, self-employed and small traders. The prices of food, fuel and cooking gas must be reduced and frozen; the unemployed must be exempt from rent and taxes.

To maintain and generate jobs we defend job stability and the reduction of working hours, without cuts in wages or rights. A public works plan for housing, health, sanitation and education is necessary. Nobody wants to live on allowances forever.

Stop all privatization drives and defend the renationalization of privatized companies. Indigenous and quilombolas lands need to be settled. We stand for agrarian reform now! Stop land grabbing, illegal mining, deforestation, burning and murder in the countryside!

For the right for affordable housing. Stop evictions. We need decent housing, sanitation, infrastructure and quality in public transport. No more criminalization and persecution of street vendors and informal workers.

We need to end discrimination, inequality and violence against the oppressed of our class. We fight for an end to sexism, racism, LGBTophobia, against the policy of mass imprisonment and genocide of black people. Our lives matter!

The pandemic is not over. We defend a general quarantine with assured income! We are against restarting in- person classes. Public and private schools must remain closed. The school schedule can be recovered, lives can’t. Public healthcare must be provided for everyone. SUS (Public Healthcare System) needs to be valued with more funding.
Stop corruption! We defend the confiscation of all the assets of corrupt businessmen and companies. These assets must be nationalized and the resources invested in public services.

We defend democratic freedoms, dictatorship never again. We will not accept the criminalization of the leaders and social movements both in the countryside and the city. For the right of association, strike and self-defense for the workers! To stand up and fight back is not a crime!

To fund these proposals, generate jobs and save lives, we must now suspend the payment of public debt to bankers, tax and confiscate the capitalists’ wealth, nationalize the banks and prohibit remittances abroad. The rich must pay for the crisis they have created.

Down with Bolsonaro and Mourão, now!

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