August 7 is a new Day of Action in Brazil


In Brazil, CSP-Conlutas, just as happened on July 10, will engage again all efforts for the organization of a new day of action: August 7 – “National Day of Grief and Struggle for Out with Bolsonaro”.

We demand that governments decree a General Quarantine for 30 days with decent income for all workers and smallholders. Only then, majority of the population will be able to stay at home to turn back the pandemic.

Our struggle agenda – The defense of jobs is only possible with the ban on dismissals and effective guarantee of job stability, wages and full rights. All labor unions federations must fight back against all government measures that have reduced workers’ rights, such as the Labor and Pensions reforms.

We defend the payment of external and internal public debt is suspended. Only in this way will it be possible to use public funds to invest during the pandemic. Investing in public health to save lives, in guaranteeing emergency aid of two minimum wages and in quality public services for the population.

Our struggle is also in defense of the environment, contrary to the policy of Bolsonaro and his minister Ricardo Salles that works to deliver our lands to loggers, “grileiros” and agribusiness, committing the genocide of native and traditional peoples.

We also defend that all evictions must be suspended. Especially in the midst of the pandemic, it is inadmissible leave families without a roof.

The government should use the necessary funds to prevent domestic violence during the pandemic.

It is also urgent to put an end to police violence against black and poor people and to guarantee freedom of those who are dying in prisons.

Watch the CSP-Conlutas video about the day of action

August 7th is a day of action organized by “Frente Ampla por Fora Bolsonaro”, the Labour Unions Federations and the CSP-Conlutas.

International Solidarity – The path is in the struggle and the unity of the working class. In this sense, is very important all international solidarity and support to the ongoing struggles – like those of the health workers, the postal workers, the oilworkers, the subway workers (that approved the strike this week and it was suspended after the company and government retreated from the attacks), the strike of the workers of the judiciary in São Paulo (who fight against the obligation to work in person), the professionals of education, who threaten to go on strike to prevent the return to school in the midst of the pandemic; or even the metalworkers of Renault that are fighting against more than 700 layoffs carried out by the automaker in Paraná, Brazil.

Some organizations are calling for small rallies in front of Brazilian embassies or tourist spots in some countries. International organizations may also send messages, photos and videos in solidarity. Just write on our Facebook Feed or send us a Tweet with the hashtag #StopBolsonaro

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Access materials of the Labour Unions Federations’ campaign.

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