In Brazil, a movement of metalworkers entities organizes acts at Renault distributors against mass layoffs

“Brasil Metalúrgico” took this decision in a meeting held on Tuesday, 28, between metalworkers union leaders from all over the country, which form the movement.

Actions approved:

– July 30, 2020, Thursday: acts in front of Renault distributors all over the country. In support of the strike and protest against the inhumanity of the company that fired more than 700 workers in São José dos Pinhais in the middle of the pandemic;

– August 7th: national day of protest – to guide (in tune with the trade unions) all the trade unions to participate in the protest by promoting the 100 minutes of strike in all the companies, to mark the deaths (which should have already reached the sad mark of 100 thousand on this date), in memory of the victims and solidarity with the families who lost their loved ones. The way to carry out this strike may be through extended assemblies at the entrance of the shifts, for example;

– convene a plenary session of Brasil Metalúrgico on August 10th at 9am. The idea is to assure a wide participation, which is facilitated by the fact that the plenary is virtual. This plenary will discuss the second semester’s salary campaigns, the fight in defense of employment and the unification of the efforts of all the unions. And also the general struggle, in defense of a common agenda that leads to demands from the whole society;

– The points listed for this common agenda – and which are put forward as proposals for discussion and approval in the plenary on August 10th – are the following (besides the unification of wage campaigns and the defense of employment):

* defense of the extension of the emergency aid of at least 600 reais until December;

* increase in the number of unemployment insurance parcels;

* defense of the SUS (universal health care system);

* against the return to school in the midst of the pandemic (genocide);

* defense of the workers’ struggle in applications;

* defense of the 14th salary for retirees and pensioners.

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