Week of mobilization for “Bolsonaro Out” in Brazil

In Brazil, the explosive combination of coronavirus, economic recession and political crisis are bringing the number of infected and death toll to the heights.

Brazil is second to the U.S. in number of affected and death toll.
Meanwhile, wages and labor rights are under attack.

In Sao Paulo, subway workers may go on strike in defense of 12 clauses of their contract.

Over a thousand food delivery apps workers on motorcycles gathered in São Paulo on Wednesday to protest against working conditions set by Uber and other apps, with their services in high demand due to coronavirus lockdowns.

The food delivery workers sought better pay and improved health measures. Next national day mobilization are calling to next july 12th.

Nationally, Labor Federations and social movements called a national day of action for July 10 to be followed by a National People’s Assembly on July 11 and demonstrations in major cities on July 12 for the immediate impeachment of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.

CSP-Conlutas stands for ousting both President Bolsonaro and his deputy Hamilton Mourao in defense of workers lives and rights.

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