Down with Zionist Anexation of Palestinian Lands!

Webinars and manifestos showed Brazilians in opposition to the annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

The Middle East Monitor Brazil website brought together the president of the Palestinian Federation Ualid Rabah, the president of the Arab Culture Institute Mohamad Habib and BDS activist Fabio Bosco to address the challenges of annexation and the future of Palestine.

Another webinar was promoted by Ghassan Kanafani Popular Movement having as keynote-speaker the known Palestinian-Brazilian journalist Soraya Misleh and Palestinian Federation director Ashjan Sadique Adi.

CSP-Conlutas opposes any annexation of Palestinian lands and Israeli apartheid altogether.

For CSP-Conlutas, justice will be achieved after dismantling the Israeli State and liberating Palestine from the river to the sea.

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