Bolsonaro and his supporters on Justice investigation

Brazil reached more than 50 thousand deaths and 1 million Brazilians infected by coronavirus outbreak this week. It is second to the U.S. only.

Healthcare experts recognize that far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is one of the main responsible for the high death toll.

Embattled far-right President Jair Bolsonaro underwent a series of setbacks last week in Brazil.

The Supreme Court issued a ruling to disclose bank accounts and for the Federal Police to search home and offices of a network of lawmakers, businessmen, bloggers and far-right activists connected to President Bolsonaro. Five of them were arrested.

The Supreme Court probes fake news networks funding and other actions meant to illegally support President Bolsonaro authoritarian perspectives to revive the military dictatorship.

On another front, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo State police arrested Bolsonaro closest associate Fabricio Queiroz who is supposed to be the link between Bolsonaro family and the “escritório do crime”, a mafia organization known for illegal taxes collection, land seizures and murder in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Fabricio Queiroz had been hidden for one year in the office of the lawyer Fred Wassef, a member of Bolsonaro’s defense team.

The former minister for Education, Abraham Weintraub, fled to the U.S. to prevent eventual arrest on charges of racism and military coup plotting which the Supreme Court investigates.

Weintraub was nominated by Bolsonaro to the World Bank board despite being unfit for that position.

At last, football fans and social movements held a demonstration in Brasilia, the capital of country carrying a huge banner which read “Bolsonaro Out!”

Lacking sufficient support from Brazilian bourgeoisie and Armed Forces top officials to carry out a military coup, Bolsonaro had to retreat to prevent impeachment.

CSP-Conlutas stands for working-class and people’s unity in action to topple Bolsonaro and his deputy Hamilton Mourao in order to have proper policies against coronavirus and for labor rights.

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