Food delivery workers call for a national strike

Food delivery workers in Brazil are preparing a national strike for July 1, 2020.

Their demands are labor rights, better delivery rates, safer working conditions and for the companies to supply essential protective equipment that has been paid for by the workers themselves. Currently they make around R$2,00 (US$ 0,34) per delivery.

These mobilizations are deeply connected to the strikes by other workers, such as call center operators and health professionals, whose jobs have been decreed essential services during the coronavirus pandemic but have been denied safe working conditions.

With the coronavirus quarantines, the purchase of meals online has increased, as have the unemployment rates. Being a deliveryman has become one of the few job options available, as it is one of the few labor markets that is currently growing. In March alone, the iFood application received 175,000 job applications, twice as many as in February.

One thought on “Food delivery workers call for a national strike

  1. Essa greve é pioneira na categoria, eles são garçons motorizados . O pais de agrade-los por terem a boa vontade de este em campo em meio à pandemia servindo como soldados da paz .


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