Mexico: For the Immediate and Unconditional Freedom of Susana Prieto!

The well-known Mexican labor lawyer Suzana Prieto Terrazas was arrested on June 8, 2020 on frame-up charges of “inciting riot, threats and coercion of public officials”.

Since the creation of the SNITIS Attorney Prieto Terrazas has experienced undue threats, intimidation and affronts to her character for the creation of the union and the support of workers.

In reality, Suzana Prieto played a pivotal role in a major strike in the industrial city of Matamoros a year ago when 100,000 workers brought their workplaces to a halt demanding 20% pay hike and a one-off 32,000-peso bonus (US$ 1,400).

Matamoros city industries are called “Maquiladoras”. Owned by foreign capitals, the “Maquiladoras” are suppliers for American industrial chains. This arrest occurs in the context of the struggle of the maquila workers against the murderous employers, who have exposed workers to the Covid-19 pandemic. Non-compliance with sanitary measures and the Quarantine by employers has killed dozens of workers. It is clear that both state Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, and the bourgeoisie thus intend to intimidate workers and force them into submitting to the bosses’ directives.

CSP-Conlutas stands in solidarity with Suzana Prieto Terrazas and Matamoros workers in their struggle to drop all charges and set Suzana Prieto free.

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