Armed prospectors invaded Wajãpi indigenous territory

Foto: Marcelo Camargo / Agência Brasil


Under the Bolsonaro government, indigenous peoples are extremely threatened in Brazil. On Monday (22), heavily armed prospectors invaded Wajãpi indigenous territory, located in Pedra Branca do Amapari, Amapá.

According to the complaint, about 50 prospectors carried out the attack, killing Emyra Waiãpi with stab. According to the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, the murder took place last Wednesday (24).

The Wajãpi Village Council said in a statement published on Sunday (28) that Emyra’s body was found with perforations and a cut throat near Waseity and Mariry villages.

On Friday (26), the indigenous people of the region found a group of armed men on the outskirts of Yvytoto village. That day the case was referred to Funai and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, and at dawn the next day new invaders were seen in the region.

On Saturday (27), afternoon, representatives of Funai arrived at the scene and called the Federal Police. The same day, at night, gunfire was heard near Jakare village. Only on 28 (Sunday) federal and Bope police were in the village.

About 1,300 Waiãpis live in this area, close to the Pará border, and are the only ethnic group authorized to exploit the region’s artisanal gold.

The greed of loggers, ruralists, national and international agribusiness, with the unconditional support of the Bolsonaro government, that drives what may be the extermination of indigenous peoples and their cultures.

President Jair Bolsonaro has said he supports mineral exploration in indigenous lands, which is now banned, and there is already a bill regulating mining in indigenous reserves.

In May this year, hearings were held in Brasilia, the Ministries of Justice and Defense and Funai. On the occasion, Guarani Kaiowá indigenous leader Davi Kopenawa warned of the increasing number of prospectors invading indigenous lands.

In Roraima, around 20,000 prospectors are scattered throughout the region and reportedly built villas with houses, airstrips, ferries. All of them looking for gold and diamond in the region.

Currently, according to data from the Raisg (Amazon Georeferenced Socioenvironmental Information Network), there are 18 indigenous lands in the country with illegal mines, and another 453 points in the Amazon in general.

In a note, the Cimi (Indigenous Missionary Council) demanded from Bolsonaro respect for the “Brazilian Constitution and immediately stop making prejudiced, racist and abusive speeches against the original peoples and their rights in our country”.

The CSP-Conlutas repudiates the attacks on the Wajãpi ethnic group and demands the immediate investigation and punishment of those responsible for this further crime that adds to the systematic genocide of our original peoples. It is necessary to curb the struggle of indigenous peoples for solidarity and to vehemently repudiate Bolsonaro’s constant attacks on indigenous peoples, his hate speech and disregard for fundamental policies such as land demarcation and the rights of indigenous peoples.

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