Tsunami for Education takes millions to the streets this May 15 and prepares General Strike for June 14


On May 15, the National Education Strike was a great day of struggle in defense of Public Education and against Bolsonaro attacks throughout the country. A true “tsunami” formed by students, teachers, parents of students and workers of the most diverse categories. It is estimated that about 2 million people demonstrated in the 26 states and the Federal District, with mobilizations in at least 200 cities.

The demonstrations took place throughout the day, having started even in the early hours of the day. Strikes and street acts showed the readiness to fight not only in the education sector, but in other categories that reinforced mobilization. In addition to the main flags, against the cut of 30% in Education and Pension Reform funds, actions included the repudiation of persecution and censorship of educators and relegation of pedagogical content and other demands.

Showing his contempt for the students and workers on a visit to the United States, Bolsonaro offended the demonstrators, trying to reduce the force of the protests. But he failed. On the contrary, the tone of the demonstrations was to point out the construction of the General Strike for June 14. The victory of this day of struggle was celebrated by everyone and in the speeches of demonstrators the task now is not to leave the streets and carry out a strong strike.



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