All Support To The Truckers’ Strike! Unity In Action With All Labor Federations To Carry Out Workers’ Struggles!

CSP-Conlutas National Coordination, gathered on May 25, 2018, addressed the ongoing strikes, particularly the truck drivers’ one, and decided to call the working class, labor and all society to support the truckers’ strike, to repudiate any military intervention and to call a General Strike.

Truck drivers have been on strike for a week. The strike has brought the country to a standstill and has an important support from the entire population.

Reducing the price of fuel and gas is a claim of all. Temer administration policy for fuel prices aims to privatize Petrobras for the benefit of major foreign oil companies.

The government did not meet the truckers’ claims and now called the army to intervene in the strike and to “clear” the roads. That is inadmissible!

We call all labor federations to meet immediately and to take a strong stand. We need to stop the country and to strengthen demonstrations in support for truck drivers, against the intervention of the Army, that is, a General Strike, to fight for working class main demands.

– Reduction and Freezing of Fuel and Cooking Gas Prices!

– Defense of Petrobras Oil Company: 100% state-owned under workers’ control. Oppose the Privatization of Eletrobrás! Oppose Any Privatization!

– Against Unemployment: 36 Weekly Hours With No Loss in Pay!

– Revocation of Labor Reform! Oppose the Social Security Reform!


The moment demands unity in action. Let’s unify strikes of all sections of the working class! Let’s hold demonstrations throughout the country! All together in solidarity with the truckers!

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