Workers Fight Back Ford Dismissals


Autoworkers at Ford Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil are committed to fighting back the 364 layoffs announced by the automaker last Wednesday. Last Friday, the workers already crossed their arms and paralyzed the stamping sector. The mobilization did not begin until Monday (14), as the company, in an attempt to demobilize, dismissed workers from the factory.

CSP-Conlutas expresses total repudiation of the cuts made by Ford and reaffirms its full solidarity and support for the workers’ struggle to defend jobs.

The layoffs represent almost 10% of the workforce of the company, which is about 4,000 workers in the ABC plant in São Paulo. Not content to carry out a mass lay-off, Ford still had the ruthless refinement of warning workers by telegram on the eve of Father’s Day.
In fact, this automakers ‘ unfair labor practice is not new in the country. In 1998, on the eve of Christmas, Ford itself dismissed 2,800 workers by telegram. GM, in São José dos Campos, also fired 798 employees in 2015, on the eve of Father’s Day and hundreds more by Christmas 2013.

The union told workers not to sign the contractual termination in order to enforce the agreement that establishes guarantee against dismissals until January 2018.

No dismissals

Luiz Carlos Prates, known as “Mancha”, member of CSP-Conlutas leadership, affirms that these dismissals are unacceptable. “All automakers in the country, including Ford, have benefitted from years of tax relief established by bills traded for bribes for Brazilian authorities as we have learned recently. In the last two years, the company has also kept its profits at the expense of the workers through lay-offs, the PPE (Employment Protection Program) and collective vacations. Even so Ford management carries out that massive layoff now. This is inadmissible, “he said.

CSP-Conlutas stands in full solidarity with Ford autoworkers. The only way to get our jobs back is to struggle.

A couple of days ago, major autoworkers unions across the nation decided to unite to fight for fair contracts and to fight back president Temer and his anti-labor reforms. We will be able to carry out a strong campaign for jobs, wages and rights.

It’s up to the labor federations to call for a new General Strike grounded on the rank-and-file to stop anti-labor reforms and all backlash from Temer corrupt administration.

International solidarity is critical for rehiring Ford autoworkers in Brazil.

International solidarity is very important in defense of the employment of the workers of Ford of Brazil.

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