Yes to impunity: Congress denies request to investigate Temer and get rid of corrupt president

The Chamber of Deputies proved, once again, that it is seized by a mob of corrupt and enemies of the people. On Wednesday (2), among 513 deputies, there were not enough members of parliament with the slightest decency to vote in favor of opening the investigation of President Michel Temer for corruption.
Without reaching the quorum required to accept the request of the Attorney General’s Office (342), the vote against Temer ended in a big, smelly “pizza.”
The opinion of the rapporteur, Mr Abi-Ackel (PSDB), who favored Temer and rejecting the complaint, was approved by a vote of 263 MPs. Another 227 voted to have the complaint accepted, two abstained, and 19 failed to appear.
While more than 80% of the population defended the opening of the trial against Temer, which is worth noting the 5% approval of Brazilians, the deputies gave a show of hypocrisy and scorn with the Brazilian people, especially when they began to announce their votes.
Unlike the impeachment vote of former President Dilma, when most of the deputies devoted their vows to God, the family, the children, the dog, and even the torturers of the dictatorship at the Temer session, the votes were more objective, but still hypocrites.
Unable to defend decisively the corrupt president, most of the deputies who voted in favor of Temer, did so in a shameful way to avoid weariness with the voters. Several voted in favor of Temer in the name of “political and economic stability.” There were those who said they did not support corruption, but that “Fear should only be tried after leaving the presidency of the Republic in 2019”! That is, it can continue to steal, provided it guarantees fiscal adjustment and reforms.
Temer came out victorious with the vote of a majority of deputies also sunk in allegations of corruption. According to a survey of the Congress in Focus website, at least 190 of the 513 federal deputies are involved in criminal investigations or prosecutions in the Supreme Court. He even had an inmate who attended the session to vote in favor of Temer. This is the case of Celso Jacob (PMDB), who is serving a seven-year prison term in the Papuda Penitentiary Complex at night and holds office during the day.
The victory won by Temer does not mean the end of the crisis of the government. The Attorney General’s Office prepares new accusations and new allegations promise to bring more corruption to the surface.
We will not accept that this bunch of Congress picks continue to keep this corrupt president and, more than that, continue to pass laws against the workers and the people. Barred the denunciation in the Congress, the government wants to mark the vote of the Pension Reform.
“This Congress of corrupt, whose majority of the deputies is tied to agribusiness, big businessmen and the financial system has just voted against the admissibility of the suit against Temer, at the expense of buying votes. But it is no surprise, because we know that they are all equal and unified in the defense of their interests, “says Paulo Barela, CSP-Conlutas National Executive Secretariat.
“We need to build mobilizations in the streets. Make a new general strike. The workers have already shown a willingness to fight, they made a general strike in April and we did not have another one on June 30, as the summits of the trade union centrals boycotted the mobilization, “he said. “We, CSP-Conlutas, continue to argue that a new general strike must be built. The workers are that they can by Temer and all the corrupt out and bar the reforms, “he continued.
Barela stressed that both government and opposition sectors contributed to Temer‘s success today. The governor of Bahia, who is from the PT, for example, freed secretaries to vote in favor of Temer.
“This false democracy does not serve the workers. Congress is a card game and the government is at the service of thieves, like JBS. The workers must build, in the fights, another alternative of the class “, he defended.
“We call the plants. It has already been shown that in Congress the workers will only have attacks. If, in fact, they are against Temer and in favor of overturning the reforms, that come to build the direct mobilization, in the streets. We will organize a new general strike and then put out Temer and defeat the reforms, “concluded Barela

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