Against anti-union actions, Portuguese dockers go on strike this Monday (10)

Workers from the ports of Sines, Caniçal and Leixões, Portugal, go on a 24-hour strike next Monday (10). The strike is in protest against anti-union actions.



Workers states that there is persecution, coercion and threats against workers affiliated or intending to join the union of the category. According to information from the SEAL (Union of Dockers and Logistics Activity workers), there are local unions that are “colluding” with the employers’ practices, and that for this reason the strike and public denunciation of such abuses are necessary.



During a meeting of the National Executive Secretariat of CSP-Conlutas, unionists of the Central Secretariat recorded in video support to the Portuguese dockers comrades, believing that the trade union organization is necessary and fundamental so that the rights of the workers are guaranteed.


Check the video of the message of Paulo Barela, SEN, and other members present, sent to the port of Portugal:



Access the MANIFESTO PUBLISHED BY SEAL with the detail of the illegal actions, and below a video with dockers reporting the precariousness and the persecutions:



Images: Reproduction Facebook Setc – Syndicate of the Stevedores

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