June 30th: General Strike Against Temer And The Reforms In The Country

The Brazilian union federations determined June 30th as the date of the Second General Strike to stop the country against the labor and pensions reforms, the outsourcing law and for out with Temer.

Until then, there will be demonstrations, assemblies and dissemination of educational materials in the states to build mobilization. On June 20th, demonstrations all over the country will be a “warm-up” for the strike.

The Union Federations CSP-Conlutas, CUT, UGT, Força Sindical, CTB, Nova Central, CGTB, Intersindical and CSB participated in the meeting.

The CSP-Conlutas stood for the 48-hour General Strike, but there was no consensus among the union federations.

The CSP-Conlutas makes a calling to the working class as a whole to be part of this struggle by organizing committees in the neighborhoods, cities or workplaces. It is time to unite youth and workers against reforms and the austerity plans of Temer’s administration and the corrupt national congress.

The CSP-Conlutas also asks for solidarity from international organizations for this important struggle of the Brazilian working class, be it through motions, videos or organizing acts in front of Brazilian embassies.


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